Intro Zhongan Insurance When insurance with a chain blog is the same thing.

Zhongan is one of the most innovative companies in the world. One of the innovations of Zhongan is the chain blog.
The partnership with Ethereum today is discussed Zhong an overview in Intro Zhongan article.
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Intro Zhongan Insurance When insurance with a chain blog is the same thing.

14 Sep 2018
ยาวไปอยากเลือกอ่าน แสดง

What is Zhongan Insurance?

Zhongan Insurance is China's first digital life insurance business.
It is established by a giants of insurance. Pingan Insurance
Sold through major online channels, Taobao, Tmall, Meilishuo and Mogu Street.
The key is that a partner is a Alibaba and Tencent two of it's Chinese it circles.
by Jack Ma or Ma Yun, the founder of Alibaba is held through the Ant financial company of Alibaba who is going to be a IPO.

The best-selling insurance of Zhongan is the policy that is issued for the return of the seller to the website.
Alibaba and Taobao, which usually customers will be at the expense of this self.
If the customer buys this insurance, the company will charge the

The interest of Zhongan is AI Bigdata and Blockchain in the insurance analysis.
Understand the needs of consumers. As we know,
When there is good product, it needs a good sales channel. These two things are like a sprocket.
The key to the past insurance bands is: The Life insurance agent will build sales to the company.
These people will make a profit through the sale of insurance. We call the money on that commission.
Commissions are considered a very high cost in the insurance industry. The insurance business is usually a very profitable.
What is the cost of a company?

When the agent disappears Costs were The difference compared to the company with the representative
It can be nabia the policy. Or add a better reward to your policy than the competitor is not difficult.

The platform has a great deal of market expansion.
Today, Zhongan the pages themselves in English can sell Thai people.

Many people may ask that the insurance is online.
Thailand's latest online insurance sales laws.
The only Zhongan is the Thai market.
If the day comes to I have chosen to buy insurance from Zhongan because it's worth it.
How do I get the insurance? ?

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