Deep Brain Chain of decentralized Ai Computing

[รีวิว] Get to know Deepbrainchain Pro project to make AI more advanced.

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Deep Brain Chain of decentralized Ai Computing

13 Sep 2018

AI or artificial intelligence is one of the technology that has been speaking for a long time in the artificial intelligence, where the robot can come to replace humans. If you say, it will probably be like a movie. irobot or Terminator is one day, the robot may be thinking of doing anything more ayang. However, it is likely that the future will still take longer to arrive. Of interest is that AI is not only used for robot development, but it also has many industrial applications. such as human face analysis in identity identification. And it has one of the projects that have taken the technology. Blockchain integrated into the Ai system, the project is called Deepbrainchain.


Problems that occur in the AI.

Did you know that AI creation comes up to us? AI creation requires a principle called. Machine Learning or that the computer is learning to work with large volumes of data. In the year 2016 Aiphago AI of Google DeepMind Company won the World Championship Champion (Gogh) Lee Sedol Khatloi up to 4 eyes in a total of 5 eyes, which aiphago to win, Aiphago must learn from playing chess in many eyes. This may be not just 100-200 eyes, but may be up to 1 million over pre to get a perfect AI. Of course, the Aiphago is not going to be a racing with one million times, with Macahine Learning, we can make AI learn from the information of the Makkwa million eyes. And its cost is very large processing. Making costs is also a problem of AI that makes it not widespread.


What is Deepbrainchain

With the problems we introductory above. Deepbrainchain is a project that is thinking of Blockchain technology in solving the cost of AI, with the sales service being processed for development. AI, by Deepbrainchain, will be able to reduce costs ever. 70% with Blockchain and Ecosystem of DPC Token and also the use of a smartcontract system in the safety of


Why is the cost to be down?

We must first explain that Computing Power is expensive, the reason comes from the Hardware costs and centralized service. The poor Resource management makes the cost very high. However, when using the concept decentralized AI Computing, the cost of this right will be possible. The concept is similar to the decentralized cloud storage that helps to share storage from many people to make costs. Storage is down and can be sold in Peer2peer. By DBC, it has a digging machine that can be dug for sale and then redeeming. DBC token


Mining Hardware

The excavation of the DBC currently sold is already caught. This rig is a regular-screen machine that is designed for the processing of AI, DBC has said that the GTX 1080ti could be dug as well.


Proof of contribution

Usually in Bitcoin, the Proof of work system is designed to secure the system. However, there are groups of people who are looking for direct processing as a waste cost. However, by DBC's digging machines are processed AI computing, making it referred to as Proof of contribution to be able to secure the system and apply the processing to the subsequent benefits.


DPT Exchange & DBC Token

DPT will be the coin used in the Exchange Platform of Deepbrain Chain, like BNB coins or Kucoin, by DBC, the technology of Huobi Cloud has been used to make features and systems as well as the safety of everything. The DBC Token is used to purchase Computing power, as well as Reward for Miner.


The DPT features the following:


  1. Deeptoken will buy a DPT coin every week from 80% of Fee value.
  2. Deeptoken will buy DPT coins after the business starts steady and has a certain profit.
  3. Voting = Mining to motivate people to vote.
  4. Projects to obtain the test from Deeptoken and up the board will need to hold the DPT value not lower than $10,000 and DBC value not less than $10,000.
  5. Projects held for DPT over $5 million and were recommended by the Institute. No tests are required, which can be attended to the board's voting.
  6. The institute holding more than 100 million tokens will have the right to select a project to the board to open the votes per month. 1 time

Team & Partner

The DBC team is very interesting and the DBC has a parent company, a deepbrain company that developed AI to many customers, such as Microsoft Samsung's Huawei Lenovo. An interesting Partner includes singularltynet, NEO, and other funds such as Blockchain Venture.

The team of DBC has experienced AI and Blockchain, almost all his Yong at the CEO is one of the first cost in the AIS of China. He has been involved in the research and development of the first-scale audio aid project in Chinese. (Chinese Voice assistant – Smart 360), currently registered member 17. The Dongyan Wang is nearly 20 years of experience in the AIS business science data in Silicon Valley.




Deepbrainchain is an interesting project concept. Decentralized Computing is very interesting, however, changes in consumer behavior. With better Service, it may take some time. Cost is one of the main reasons but not everything. Nowadays, the trend in decentralized computing has been down and if it was down to that technology. Ai is not a difficult-to-reach thing. And it will enhance the technology in one step.

Exclusive Airdrop and meetup activity.

For only Deeptoken friends, the website will pick it up for 500DPT and 100DBC for free by participating in the following activities:

  1. Become a member of the Deepbrain Chain website through this link > > > to click on the signup channel on the upper right and make KYC with it.
  2. Become a member on the Deeptoken website using the same mail.
  3. Join Telegram Deeptoken: Https://t.me/DeepTokenExchange
  4. Fill out this form: DBC X DPT Thailand Bounty Program

Friends will earn 500 DPT and 100DBC when the Deeptoken trading board, which is automatically deposited in your friends ' bags.

and leave the Deeptoken Community at the channel below. DECLARE Babop

– Facebook: Https://www.facebook.com/DeepTokenX

With Deepbrain Chain Thailand Meetup to be held on 15 September, this is both Airdrop and the food and many knowledge within the work. For more information, click Https://www.eventpop.me/e/4185-deepbrainchain-meetup.

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